Publication of EUROTESTS results – summer 2017

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During the recent tests campaign of ADAC and TCS, Group 2/3 RENOFIX has won the highest rating given to this product category over the last 5 years !


These results acknowledge RENOLUX as expert of child road safety, and especially praise SOFTNESS® label for its excellence.

« COMFORT and SAFETY rewarded »

LOGO_SOFTNESS_CMJNRENOFIX benefits indeed from Softness® technology, developed by Renolux. Its steel framework, overmoulded with very high density foam, ensures an amazing comfort for child, and above all a maximal safety thanks to its optimal shock absorption capacity in case of car crash.

« Made in FRANCE »


RENOFIX is totally designed, developed and made in France in the bosom of Renolux factory, established near Lyon.
This car seat offers many ergonomic functionalities and quality outfits.