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siege auto pour bébés de la naissance à 4 ans fabriqué en France Renolux

Babies Car Seats from birth

Discover our baby car seats : swivelling car set, car seat made in France, long-lasting rear facing car seat, i-size car seat...

♦ R129 i-size 40•105 cm car seat (from birth to 4 years approx.)
♦ R129 i-size 61•105 cm car seat (from 3 months to 4 years approx.)
♦ Group 0+ (from birth to 13 kg)
♦ Group 0+/1 (from birth to 18 kg)


Rear facing R129 i-size SOFTNESS® car seat
40→105 cm (Birth→approx. 4 years)

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Rear facing R129 i-size SOFTNESS® car seat
40→105 cm (Birth→approx. 4 years)

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Gaïa Access

R129 i-size swivelling SOFTNESS® car seat
61→105 cm (3 month→approx. 4 years)

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Clip-on infant carrier
Group 0+ • Birth→13kg

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New Austin

Multi-position car seat
Group 0+/1 • Birth→18 kg

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Swivelling design car seat
Group 0+/1 • Birth→18 kg

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With our Baby Car Seats you can make sure your children travel safely and comfortably, it's easy to get started !

From birth, babies need a car seat that ensures their complete safety, while being very comfortable and adapted to their body shape. Our range of baby car seats includes models (R129 i-size rear-facing car seat, Group 0+ and Group 0+/1) that meet all these criteria. They are approved to current European standards R129 or ECE R44/04.
To meet the expectations of the most demanding parents, Renolux has devised ingenious solutions to make it easier to use a baby car seat on a daily basis.

COMFORT: Our evolving car seats are easily adjustable to keep pace with your baby’s growth. The height-adjustable harness buil in the headrest, the reclining of the seat, the padded belt protectors and the soft, plush materials mean that they can be perfectly adapted to each child and each situation.

SAFETY: Right from the design stage, we test and validate the reliability of our car seats. Installation of the seat in the vehicle has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible. Our car seats have extra side protection. They are made from high-quality, durable materials. We recommend that children travel rearward facing for as long as possible: our RF 40-105 cm car seat allows them to travel rearwards in comfort for up to 4 years.

PRACTICAL: We’re proud to be the inventors of the swivelling car seat! What a relief it is for your back to be able to put your child in the seat facing you, without having to contort your body. Thanks to our innovation, it’s easy to check that your child is properly fastened with a correctly adjusted harness. Our R129 rear-facing car seat has an exclusive sliding function that gives your child extra legroom in the rear-facing position.

Many other features are available on our baby car seats, which can be used from birth to at least 4 years of age, depending on the model. Some of them feature our SOFTNESS© technology, which provides unparalleled comfort and optimum safety.
Discover them, test them and ensure that your children have safe and comfortable journeys, quite simply!