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Because we are committed to providing you with the best in safety, we are constantly upgrading our products with new innovations. At Renolux, improving safety performance is an endless source of motivation and an ongoing responsibility that drives us to unfailingly reach such high standards.

Through our Research & Development activities, we work tirelessly to make our products more efficient. At the forefront of requirements, our teams work in conjunction with the world’s largest passive safety laboratories (UTAC, TASS, CSI, ADAC…) to design our car seats and boosters.

Approval's crash-tests of our car seats

Each Renolux car seat has, of course, passed the static and dynamic tests (crash tests) for approval under European standards in force : R44/04 or R129. The new R129 standard, currently being spread, requires more thorough crash tests, in frontal as well as lateral collisions. It requires smarter “Q” dummies to obtain more and more precise measurements.
We also perform compliance crash tests in independent laboratories approved by the Ministry of Transport. But our ambitions go beyond this, and we set ourselves increasingly higher goals for the models we develop. We combine the creativity and inventiveness of our teams to achieve these goals.


Front and side crash test catapult

Our Softness® technology allows us to reach new levels of excellence in both comfort and safety.
This patented process combines a main structure of high-density polyurethane foam developed by us, which makes the seat amazingly soft, and a steel frame that acts as a survival capsule in case of an accident.

This frame has very high distortion characteristics, which are specifically designed to absorb energy and cushion violent impacts during a car crash.

To enable our seats to be properly fitted, we have also developed unique, specific belt tighteners, which allow maximum retraction of the vehicle’s safety belt, thus ensuring maximum safety.
A Renolux car seat is an authentic, durable product, born of a desire to give children the best possible protection on every car journey.


Video ©Test TCS de sièges d’enfants 2020


Softness® foam crush test


Harness buckles test


Traction tests for straps


Belt tightener

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