Our guarantees


If within 24 months of purchase, the product turns out to be non-compliant or defective under normal usage conditions, as defined in the instruction manual, we will :

  1. Send any defective interchangeable part(s) to you (please contact our After-Sales department : conso@renolux.fr)
  2. Repair the product, or as a last resort,
  3. Replace the whole of the product with an identical or similar item of at least equivalent value.

These guarantees are subject to the following exclusion clauses :

  1. Failure of the client to provide proof of purchase issued by an official retailer (invoice or receipt)
  2. The item is not used for the intended purpose, as indicated in the user manual
  3. Installation or fitting not compliant with the user manual
  4. Repairs completed by unauthorised personnel with no contact with our services (regarding standard and regulatory compliances)
  5. The item has not been maintained correctly
  6. Damage caused by impact and/or incorrect handling.

The guarantee is valid for 24 consecutive months as of the acquisition by the end-user and is non-transferable (only the initial purchaser may benefit from the guarantee).

After any repairs by our services or agents, the guarantee will be extended only by the period that the item remained unavailable. Renolux will make necessary repairs within a reasonable period of time.
This guarantee complies with current applicable legislation (French Consumer Code articles L211-4 to L211-14. R. 211-1 to 211-5/ General products Directive 1999/44CE dated 25 May 1999; French Civil Code articles 1641 to 1649).

Procedure to follow in the event of a defect :

If any problems or defects arise, please contact our After Sales Department : conso@renolux.fr

  • To benefit from the application of the guarantee the end user must be able to present a copy of the receipt or invoice as proof of purchase.
  • All requests for spare parts, or the the evaluation of the need for repairs and/or exchange of the item, should be sent by the retailer IN WRITING, ACCOMPANIED by a COPY OF THE PROOF OF PURCHASE. If you have any questions about the defect, damaged part or the correct procedure to follow, please contact our After-Sales Department : conso@renolux.fr