Choose well his home furnishing

How to choose your home products

Renolux helps you to choose the right home accessories: baby bouncers, high chairs, travel cots, playpens. This buying guide will help you to combine safety with comfort.


Choosing a rocker  choosing a highchair choosing a travel cot choosing a playpen for your baby

How to choose the right rocker ?

What factors to consider

From their rocker, your baby can observe and discover the world around them. Here are a few suggestions to help you to choose the best rocker for your baby.

Safety considerations

A good rocker should have a safety harness to secure your baby and a sufficiently stable frame to ensure that it will not tip over.

Think about cleaning

Rockers are very handy for baby’s first meal-times. Choose a rocker which is easy to clean.

Consider ease of use

Can the rocker be set to a horizontal position for newborns? Can the back-rest be raised as the baby grows ? Does the rocker have fixed and rocking positions ? The rocker position is ideal for rocking baby to sleep.

Storage and space considerations

A folding rocker will take up less place in the home, and in your car. Easy folding will also save time. Carrying handles can also be very useful.



Play and relaxation

Our rockers have a play bar with hanging toys that your baby can grab or just play with using their hands or feet.
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  • Do not use the rocker once your baby can stay seated without support.
  • Rockers are not intended for long sleeping periods.
  • Never leave a baby unaccompanied in a rocker.
  • Always use the harness.
  • A rocker is not a substitute for a cot or a bed. When the baby needs to sleep, it is better to put him in a suitable cot or bed.
  • It is dangerous to place the rocker on a raised surface (such as a table).
  • Never use the play bar to carry the rcoker.
  • Ensure that your rocker complies with safety standards (EN12790 – 2009).

Choosing a highchair


A comfortable seating position for baby

It is important to choose a well-designed highchair for your baby’s safety and comfort during meals. Here are a few essential considerations :

Choose an adjustable highchair which will grow with your baby

At first your baby will not be able to eat without your help. An adjustable highchair which is also suitable for toddlers will allow you to seat them at the same height as you.




Choose a suitably sized highchair

Think about storage space. If you do not have much room, choose a compact folding model.





Choose a model with a secure harness

Always fasten the safety harness when your baby is in the highchair.

Choose a highchair which is easy to clean

Select a highchair with a removable tray. Baby will often get their food all over the place during their first meals. Outside of meal-times baby can use the tray for playing.


Ensure that the highchair is comfortable

Choose a model with a firm backrest and an adjustable footrest. It is a good to have a comfortable seated position as well as the option of an inclined position for smaller babies.

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Your baby begins to try to stand upright and grab things. It gets muscle and prepares to sit on its own, a skill that takes about 6 to 8 months. He is now ready to sit in a highchair.


5 key points for choosing a travel cot


Our advice for choosing the travel cot which will meet all of your needs.

1. Safety

Our OPTIC cot has self-locking wheels for stability. Think about testing the mattress fixations, to ensure that baby does not get trapped underneath if he moves around during sleep. Our mattresses have Velcro attachments at each corner to securely anchor it in place and avoid choking hazards.

2. Comfort

Consider baby’s comfort and choose models with proper mattresses. All our models offer mattresses thick enough to offer your child maximum comfort.


We strongly recommend you to not use another mattress to avoid choking hazards.

3. Space

Your travel cot must above all be lightweight and easy to transport. It must be easy to carry. All of our models have transport bags with handles and wheels for easy transport. Finally, consider the dimensions of the cot once folded. Ensure that it fits comfortably in your car-boot.

4. Setting up

  • Remove from the transport bag.
  • Detach the Velcro and remove the cot from the mattress.
  • Open the cot keeping the central section of the base of the cot at mid-height.
  • Lock each of the 4 sides into the raised position starting with the 2 smaller sides.
  • To do this, hold one side at the middle (near to the articulated joint) and raise it briskly to lock the joint in place.
  • Repeat for all 4 sides.
  • Once the 4 sides are deployed and locked, push the central section all the way downwards until it is flat and fully deployed.

5. Additional functions

  • Bassinet Our OPTIC travel cot has a bassinet(mattress booster) for baby’s up to 7 kg. This raised sleeping surface is good for your back when putting baby to bed or lifting them out. Warning, the bassinette must not be used once the child is able to shift to or from dorsal or ventral positions, or when he can sit up.
  • Changing mattress Changing mattress Our changing mattress is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Warning: never leave your child unaccompanied. Not suitable for children over 11 kg. Remove the changing table as soon as your child is able to sit up unassisted.
  • Side opening Side opening Our OPTIC travel cot has a zipped side opening. When your child is older he can use it as a playhouse.
  • Play bar Removable hanging toys which will awaken baby’s senses.

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Choosing a playpen for your baby

From birth to the age of walking, playpen offers the baby firstly a protected place from household dangers, then later his special play area. Our suggestions to choose the safest playground.

Playpen : how to choose ?

The most important selection criteria is safety. Check that the playpen complies with European standards regarding its height, bar spacing and corner pieces.

From four months onwards, the playpen allows baby to be with you in your living room rather than being stuck in the bedroom. He can construct his own reassuring universe at his own scale, safe from animals or other dangers. He can also discover freedom of movement with total protection. By 8-9 months, he starts to crawl and wants to move around the home alone. The playpen will be useful to contain his travels a little ! He can play in his playpen or look at books, until he can really start to walk.

Finding the most suitable playpen : classic, wooden or plastic models with bars are the most common. There is also another type of playpen : similar to a folding bed in plastic, canvas or fabric.

Mesh-fabric playpens

Mesh-fabric playpens ensure that baby does not get hurt if he falls over. The raised bottom keeps baby above ground level. These are ideal for small spaces, compact and quick to fold making them easy to use and transport. Ideal for parents who move around a lot ! All of the Renolux playpens come with a handy carry bag and wheels for moving from one room to another.


Choose a playpen that will help baby to discover the world


Our playpens come with play bars with detachable hanging toys to encourage baby to interact with the world. When baby can walk later on, the playpen becomes a playhouse thanks to the zipped door through which he can enter or leave on his own.



Develop motor skills


Our playpens have two handles to help baby to pull themselves and stay standing, helping them to start to learn to walk safely without falling.




Your first reflex will be to check that it complies with European standards (EN 12227-2010). The most important criteria is stability, especially if it has feet, and height, which must be over 55cm. If it has wheels, ensure that the brakes work well. Pay extra special attention if you are buying second-hand. Never buy without checking the condition of the playpen. If the folding system is damaged, forget it !

Clear the area around it or place against a wall. Your little one will always be attracted by electrical wires, objects lying around, or a chair that can be knocked over.

This is not a bed ! Your baby should be able to clearly distinguish between the two spaces, and should not stay inside the playpen for more than 30 minutes or an hour at a time.

Points to remember

It is better to place your baby near to your living room. Even if you are occupied, talk with him from time to time. He needs your attention. Never leave your child unattended.

Choose a model which is easy to put away, in a corner of the room for example.

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