Choosing the right pushchair

Before buying a pushchair, make sure that it suits your lifestyle and surroundings as well as the age of your child.


Carrycot Group 0 car seat or cosy Base frame + hammock pushchair Buggy

The best way to choose the best pushchair for you

During the first year go for a combination or Travel System model, these are clearly the most complete and often the best value for money : you will generally not have to buy another pushchair for 3 years.

They can be used both in town or in the countryside, for long or short walks. The combination pushchair is made up of a frame (with or without an integrated seat) and adaptable elements to combine with it, depending on your needs and the age of the baby.



Ideal for newborns (and up to 6 months), providing the prone position that they need. Can also be used as a cot. Can be fitted onto the chassis.

Discover the 3-in-1 Travel System : Carrycot + Car seat + Pushchair EQUATION




Group 0 car seat or “cosy”


This type of seat ensures a semi-seated position, perfect when your baby is able to hold his head properly (usable from about 2-3 months to 1 year).

Generally lighter than a carrycot and therefore easier to carry, especially in stairs. Can also be fitted to the pushchair frame. The group 0+ car seat is valuable for your daily outings in the car with baby. You can switch from car to pushchair without waking up baby.

Discover the 3-in-1 Travel System : Carrycot + Car seat + Pushchair EQUATION



Warning, do not over-use the car seat (no more than 1h30 at a time), this is not a substitute for a carrycot : remember that baby’s comfort and growth require a prone position during the first few months.


Pushchair (base frame + hammock)

You can choose : to sit your baby rear-facing so that you don’t lose sight of him, or road-facing as he grows up, allowing him to discover the outside world and enjoy his trips in a comfortable sitting position.

Discover the 3-in-1 Travel System : Carrycot + Car seat + Pushchair EQUATION

Accessories: the essentials

Renolux provides all of the essential accessories

A raincover to keep baby dry and two footmuffs to protect from the cold, for pushchair and group 0.


Buggy (second age group)

As soon as baby reaches 6 months, you can change to a buggy : more compact, lighter and therefore more handy and practical.

The buggy is not only perfect for baby but also for you : so light, practical and handy to use. Easy to fold/unfold, easy to fit into the car trunk, the lift or a closet. A guaranteed space saver !

Compact and very light, it offers a very good sitting comfort to baby with its hammock.

Ensure that the bumper bar can be toggled (no need to remove it when folding).

Handy tip : aluminium frames are robust and very light.

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The all-terrain strollers, more comfortable for baby, are also larger. Check that the stroller fits comfortably into your car trunk once folded !